Create The Gift

Within a matter of minutes, you can "create a gift" and start collecting money. Simply write a brief description about your giftee and upload a pic and/or video.

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Share the Link

Share the gift link on social media if you would like to collect money publicly for your Giftee. Or, you can just grab the link url and share via text or email to Gifters of your choice.

Receive The Gift

Before the big day, you will shoot the gift funds raised to your bank account to purchase a gift, gift certificate, or fork over the cash to your Giftee!

Baby Shower

Ezgifting Withholds 3% Of Your Total Funds. Your Payment Processor (Paypal, Or Stripe For Card/bank Transfer) Charges 2.9% + 30¢. The Full Remainder Goes To You For Your Giftee.

This Is The Total Percentage Taken, No Hidden Extra Fees. Since Our Fee Is Deducted Automatically, You'll Never Need To Worry About Being Billed Or Owing Us Any Money.

Plan Accordingly!

Although your funds transfer out of our hands directly to you, some banks have specified processing time. If you are collecting the gift leading up to a special day, allow apx. 3 business days for the transfer to have the gift funds on time!

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Make a Video!

Videos are the best way to bring attention and up the gift amount that a Gifter may offer. Create a brief video explaining why the event or Giftee is special to you and add that to your Gift account.

Get the Word Out!

The more people you tell about your Gift, the more gift funds you will collect for your Giftee. Share on social media and by email!

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