The Purpose

EZgifting is about celebrating & honoring people, life, and special life events that don't happen everyday; weddings, birthdays, graduations, and especially baby showers.

Do you have a friend or colleague who is about to go out on maternity leave? Is someone you know getting to ready to graduate and embark upon a new chapter? Honor them, by celebrating their major milestones! Has your team really stepped up to the challenge - celebrate yourselves! Throw yourselves a party!

EZgifting helps you to quickly share the good news amongst family, mutual friends & colleagues. Are you celebrating someone who has lived well? Has someone you know achieved a major health goal? Start a quick group-gifting campaign, and within a few hours or few days, present a gift certificate to your giftee for their favorite store and/or restaurant. With EZgifting, you can quickly gather the funds for celebratory support! That's why it's "gifting made EZ!!

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

How EZgifting was born

So, anyway, last year, one of our physician colleagues went through her entire pregnancy and did wonderfully!! We all complimented her on how cute she looked in her maternity dresses, and all...

One Wednesday, I was informed that her last day of work was like two days ago - I was like “Oh, wow!! Did we do a shower or something? How did I miss that?”

“No, we didn’t the reply came...” I really felt awful; especially that it seemed to show how we take life’s special events for granted, these days...

She had a beautiful baby girl, Alexis; we got to meet her several months later; but I never forgot how, in my opinion, we missed an opportunity to show our colleague that we cared about her as more than “just a lady we work with.”

This summer, Rayna gave us a chance to redeem ourselves - she was pregnant, again, this year to give Alexis a new brother or sister. Again, we were amazed at how well she wore pregnancy - it really seemed to suit her! “Rayna, your looking great!” we would tell her.

But, this year, our collegial group remembered to put our funds together to get Rayna a gift! We had full agreement, but the task of DOING IT proved harder than we thought: some doctors worked the night shift, some worked during the day, some docs were on vacation. To top that off, many docs we came across weren’t carrying cash! People were patting there pockets and digging around coming up with nothing. Everybody had money - but, just not ON them.


And, that’s how EZgifting was born!!!